Patricia's Reflections

You Are Holy

Oh, Lord, You are holy indeed. I stand in awe of Your presence. How honored am I that the Holy One of God should know my name. Name above all names, You call me friend. How do I receive such a gift of love from Love Himself? How do I love You in return for Your fierce love? You are a Friend who is closer than a brother. Oh, Radiant One, who sees all things, teach me how to be Your friend. I do not deserve a love such as Yours. Yet, I will not turn it down. Oh, One who knows no sin, teach me how to live my life. I want to bring joy to Your heart. Please help me to not cause You grief. Beloved of God, look into my heart. Remove whatever displeases You. You are the Jewel of the Father, Jesus, the Priceless One. Hold me close, my Friend, and never let me go. I want to lie in Your arms, like Your friend John did. You found friendship with John; please also find a friend in me. This is bold indeed to think that I could rest in Your arms. Come closer, my Friend. My life is lonely without You. You bring joy to my soul. You, Lord, are the keeper of my secrets. I trust You to not expose my heart to man. Mold me into one of Your liking. Who am I, to have You as my Friend? Heaven came to a stable and gave birth. You changed the stable of my heart into a palace when You entered it. You are the God who comes near. Oh, Radiant Love of the Father, Mercy and Grace Himself, be glorified this day. Be exalted, King of Kings, my forever Friend, for all seasons. Oh, Jesus, You have my back. You will not let me fall. You know my every tear, not one is lost to You. Lord, You do not sleep or grow weary. Strengthen me by Your love. Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, Your fragrance is sweet indeed. I want to be like Mary and sit at Your feet. I want to break open the alabaster box of my heart and pour a sweet fragrance of love over You.