Patricia's Reflections


I was born as a daughter of a King. Dare I live as less than my birthright? I am called, named, and purposed. How does royalty live? I live in knowing and not in denial. I belong to One who is greater. Just knowing this is humbling indeed. Oh seed of greatness, I will rise up to the value of the One who values me. I will rise as the noble one He calls me to be and walk in dignity, for His blood runs in my veins. I will not settle for less than that for which I was created. I am a filled vessel, not one that is abandoned. The Spirit of the living God resides in me. He is alive and not dormant. He hears my every prayer. Will He not respond in kind to me? I am empowered by the Lord Almighty. As the tabernacle of Your Holy Spirit, I will walk with You as You lead me. You listen and speak within.