Patricia's Reflections

Fear of the Lord

The Fear of the Lord is a person; awesome and majestic, wonderful and holy. The Fear of the Lord is powerful, and holds the power of life and death, blessing or a curse. Why would I choose sin over You? Knowing that You are with me, why would I offend You? While The Fear of the Lord gives grace, there will also be judgment one day for my actions. In the presence of The Fear of the Lord, I am invited to change. My heart motives are stripped away in Your glory. Do I dare hold onto sin, when You invite me to choose love in its place? Who am I to insist on petty behaviors of this world, when I could stand before You in Your glorious presence? The Fear of the Lord invites me to better choices and a higher way of living. In Your presence, all I want to do is to worship You. Everything else falls away, and I am struck by reverence and honor toward You. Lord Jesus, strip me of all unrighteous desires and actions. Purify my motives until they are as pure as Love Himself. Open my eyes to Your wonder and truth. I want to embrace what You embrace. Write Your nature upon the tablet of my heart. Help me not to settle for the world, when I can be in Your presence. In Your presence, I want to lie prostrate before You. Oh, Holy One of Israel, You came to teach me. Teach me all that I need to know, dearest Lord. I pray for the grace to stand in the Refiner's Fire. Your methods produce the results that You desire. Amen.