Patricia's Reflections


To fear You, Lord, is to hold You in a place of honor and reverence. To fear the Lord is to pay attention to what You say and do. I do not want to take for granted who You are. You are my Friend, and that is a privilege. Help me, Lord, to put You in a place of highest importance in my life, and not in an if there is time for You place. You are the glory of God come to earth. How do I comprehend You, my Lord? How does deity come down to us, my Lord? I do not want to be irreverent toward You. How do I befriend royalty? It all feels so confusing, so difficult for my mind to comprehend. As deity, you seem far away. As God's son, Jesus, come to humble circumstances, I can come closer. It is so complex for me, Lord, to understand who You are, and what You have done for me. Teach me reverence in order to honor You. Help me to run to the throne and not slink away. King of Glory, You came down to us. What a great love, indeed.