Patricia's Reflections

Word of God

You are Jesus, Word of God. All truth is found in You. Teach me truth, as You are Truth, that I may know You fully, oh Wisdom of the Ages. Oh, One of beauty and truth, give me revelation from the heart of Heaven itself. In understanding and knowledge there is freedom. Set me free from the lies that deceive, that I may stand with you in truth. Oh Holy Wisdom of God, draw me closer to the throne of God. Your words are life. They are sharper than a two-edged sword. Illuminate for me, that I may see and stand in wonder and awe of the One who speaks from Heaven's throne. Oh Beautiful One, oh Ancient of Days, release your words from Heaven. Help me to dwell in Your presence. Hide me in the safety of Your truth. No lie can be found in You. Wisdom of the Ages, speak to me of Your knowledge. You are holy, and I stand in awe of You. Oh, Wonder of Wonders, I have access to Your throne. How blessed am I to have revelation and understanding. No other King is as approachable as You. Beautiful One, I desire to bask in Your glory. Oh, Wonder of Heaven, You come close to those who call upon Your holy name. Walk with me, I pray, that Your knowledge and understanding may fall upon me. You, oh Lord, are the Teacher, and I am your student. Help me to glean from Your teachings. I am standing with You upon holy ground, in this, our classroom. Gather me to You, as a mother hen does her chicks. Let me drink in the fullness of Your wisdom. Oh, Shepherd of God, Your lamb is waiting. Lead me to Your pools of knowledge. I need to drink freely, and to rest in Your presence. You alone can quench my thirst.