Patricia Ducharme

Patricia Ducharm, Author

This is my story of how God came for me in love letters, wooing me to Him in healing and in love. The Lord counsels me and draws me out of darkness into the light through meeting me in times of quiet prayer.

This book does not go into the depths of my history, but instead it shows the depths of love the Bridegroom has for His hurting Bride. The Bridegroom does not abandon you, but instead, He searches for you, His Bride, and joins you on the journey out of darkness and into His deep love. Here is my vision and word of exhortation to you as you read these love letters in the form of devotionals:

You, the bride have taken your first step down the aisle in your wedding procession toward your Groom (Jesus). The walk has begun. It matters not how long the walk takes. Do not stop walking toward your Bridegroom. Each time you turn to the Lord is another step forward in the bridal procession. Each choice is a yes to your Groom. Each yes changes who you are eternally. You are not wasting your time, even if you experience nothing emotionally. Walk in faith and your walk will be strengthened. Focus on Him. He is worth the sacrifice. Keep coming.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. The Bridegroom teaches, counsels, corrects and comforts. Hear Him speak of His faithful interest in your life. May you fall more in love with Him. You are His Beloved, and He is yours.